Thailand silk is made using a complex, traditional process. Silk fabric available from our silk shop is usually 40 inches wide and created by women weavers at their homes in Northeast Thailand using traditional methods and their own looms. Every bolt of Thai silk fabric is still a unique work of art.

Almost none of the people creating silk fabric and products are in Bangkok or the surrounding provinces. They tend to be in rural areas at least 200-400 km (125-250 miles) away. It takes good logistics and good communications to get everything from where it's at to where it's going. If you have ever been to Thailand and know anything about Thailand, you know that's not so easy. Your patience is appreciated.

The seamstresses and artisans who create our silk shirts, silk blouses, other silk clothing, silk handbags, silk dresses, silk jackets, silk shawls, silk wraps and traditional Thai clothing are also almost all women. But there are quite a few men in supporting roles such as creating the silk yarn, processing coccoons, dyeing silk fabric, transport, pressing, packing.

One of our greatest challenges is that most 2-ply silks are also two-tones. The combination of warp and weft colors creates the perceived color. Sometimes (but not so often) weavers use the same warp and weft colors. For that silk fabric matching is simply yes or no. Otherwise, it's very subjective and depends on angle of fabric, amount of light, source of light, and other factors. Most weavers use standard "cool white" fluorescent lights indoors and those really skew colors. The manager also has to carefully check the lighting each time she inspects a weaver's stock for a match to your requirements. Please be patient while the manager does her best to find the best match to what you have asked for.

You can't imagine how busy we are. In an effort to service as many people as possible, we have tried to provide on this site everything you need to make a decision about what to buy.

Almost all questions are already answered somewhere on the web site. If you ask us something by email that we've already answered or explained on the site, you are very likely not going to get a response. It's not that we are unfriendly or don't want your business but there are simply not enough hours in the day.

Although long-established and fairly good at fulfilling detailed orders accurately, we are a "Mom and Pop" family business. We already work until the wee hours of the night (after midnight) every single day and often seven days a week. We are glad to help you if you have clearly helped yourself as much as possible.

We sell silk online. We do not sell to the general public in Bangkok. We are not a traditional "brick & mortar" business. Almost all the silk in our administrative offices already belongs to somebody and is on it's way somewhere. We don't have a "display room". Visits are by appointment only.

We cannot respond to all inquiries, as much as we try. We get somewhere between 10,000 and 14,000 unique visitors to our site every month. Your best strategy to get what you want quickly and get the attention you deserve is simply PLACE AN ORDER for the silk fabric, silk ties, silk shirts, silk blouses or silk scarves you want. Those are the people who get top priority — the ones who show us they are serious and sincere by ordering something.

If we have any questions or anything is not clear, we'll ask for clarification. If we cannot fulfill your order for any reason, PayPal makes it easy and painless and costless to refund your payment fast. Life is short. We are really busy. We will simply give your money back if we can't give you what you want. We are in this for the long haul, we've been doing this a long time, it's a small world, Thailand's a small country, Bangkok is a small city (even with 15 million people), we are very straightforward and frank — and we are honest.

To summarize: customers first. Everybody else? We'll try to attend to you when we can and if we can. So sorry if that hurts anyone's feelings but like we just said, we tend to be quite frank. But if you become a customer, it's very likely you'll get exactly what you wanted comprised of top quality silk and and with good craftsmanship. Thai silk weavers and silk clothing makers are very artistic with a good eye for detail. Thai silk is great stuff and great value for money.