Sheer dupioni silk makes excellent long, luxurious light silk scarves that are great for a wide range of uses from belly dance hip scarves to head scarves and hair scarves. These handwoven, pure Thai silk scarves have the soft, sensual texture of dupioni in fashionable combinations of colors.

photo: Silk scarves 62'' long for hip scarves, head scarves and hair scarves

The Reference Chart below exhibits a handful of the fashionable colors of silk scarves we offer, including many stunning gradients which blend gracefully from one color to the next and back again. The chart is merely a demonstration of range and ability and what has been done in the past but it is not catalog. All these silk scarves are handwoven textile art so vary slightly even among hip scarves of the same color scheme.

Solid colors are available and many of the examples of head scarves displayed are currently available. We invite you to freely express your preferences and specifically request head scarves or hip scarves based on what you see on the Reference Chart. We'll do our utmost to closely match what you prefer with the silk scarves currently available. The deep creases from being folded and packed that are seen in this very large photo on the right give the mistaken impression that there is a seam in the middle. These scarves are a single piece of silk and one continuous weave. There are no seams.

Click to enlarge any photo of our silk scarves to full screen size or larger. They show the iridescence, full range of colors and gradients as well as the extraordinary texture of the dupioni. All head scarves are pure Thai silk 62 x 13.5 inches (157.5 x 34.3 cm) and hemmed on both ends.

photo: Handmade dupioni plain silk scarves

stating the gradients and colors you prefer to comprise your wholesale silk scarves order. The order form tells us only the size, model and quantity, not the color(s) of the silk scarves. Minimum order for these very affordable silk scarves is one dozen.

*Cost of delivery NOT included in prices. Click to enlarge full screen.
Dupioni Silk Scarves 12-49
50-99 100-299 300-999 1000+
34.3 x 157.5 cm
(13.5” x 62”)

Our silk carves are the same on both sides. They are not prints. Follow the silk care advice found on this site.

Dollar prices are subject to change at any time and without notice because our prices are in Thai Baht and currency exchange rates can fluctuate wildly.

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