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Orders of 50 yards or more receive a discount of 20% off minimum order prices. Each length category receives a discount that is about 6.6% off the price of the length category above it.



Smooth, 2-Ply, Treated Silk Fabric
half (½) yard US$16 per 45 cm
4 - 16 yards US$30/yard (90 cm)
17 - 32 yards US$28/yard (90 cm)
33 - 49 yards US$26/yard (90 cm)
50+ yards US$24/yard (90 cm)
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4-Ply, Smooth or Ribbed or Dupioni
Treated Thai Silk Fabric
half (½) yard US$17 per 45 cm
4 - 16 yards US$32/yard
17 - 32 yards US$30/yard
33 - 49 yards US$28/yard
50-99 yards US$26/yard
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2 or 4-Ply, Smooth or Dupioini, Treated
“Falling Rain” or Plaid or Striped Silk Fabric

half (½) yard US$18 per 45 cm
4 - 16 yards US$34/yard
17 - 32 yards US$32/yard
33 - 49 yards US$30/yard
50 - 99 yards US$28/yard
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4-Ply, Treated Smooth or Dupioni
Silk Fabric PRINTS
half (½) yard US$19 per 45 cm
4 - 16 yards US$36/“yard
17 - 32 yards US$34/“yard
33 - 49 yards US$32/“yard
50+ yards US$30/“yard
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Ikat | Mudmee Weave
4-Ply, Treated, Smooth or Dupioni Silk Fabric

half (½) yard
(fabric in stock)
US$22 per 45 cm
4 - 16 yards
(fabric in stock)
17 - 32 yards
(fabric in stock)
33 - 49 yards
(fabric in stock)
50 - 99 yards
(fabric in stock)
Custom Weave US$56/“yard
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