Pure silk blouses are affordable luxury and we make it easy to buy silk online.

Our ladies silk shirts are all pure silk and all Thailand silk. Silk blouses weigh approximately 300 grams each unpacked. You can estimate shipping cost using the info on our Delivery Fees page. Shipping NOT included in our prices.

Cost of shipping silk blouses depends on various factors and you can economize by using the suggestions on our page explaining them.

Solid color Thai silk fabric is perennial and silk blouses are available in these colors any time. Hues and shades and the colors used to achieve a perceived two-tone color in these beautiful silk dress shirts vary but most people find it difficult to detect the subtle differences. You can order a silk blouse in any color. Prices are fairly stable.
Ladies Silk Shirts: red silk shirt, purple silk shirt, blue silk shirt, pink silk shirt, orange silk shirt

Purple Silk Shirt Blouse

Ladies silk shirts are available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL and all cost the same prices except XXL which costs slightly more. Send us your color preferences by email using the address found at the bottom of this page.

Silk Blouse Chest Circumference

  • M      36"
  • L       40"
  • XL    48"
  • XXL 54"

Silk Blouse Shoulder Width

  • M      14.5"
  • L       15.5"
  • XL    16.5"
  • XXL 17.5"
*Delivery NOT included in prices. Click here to add delivery fee to cart.
Pure Silk Blouses 1-3

S, M, L, XL


S, M, L, XL

S, M, L, XL

S, M, L, XL


Ladies silk shirts handmade from handwoven pure silk fabric


Thai designers of silk blouses are very creative and do very limited editions using Thai silk prints or batik such as those shown below. Stocks are extremely dynamic. Designs are not repeated. Cost is higher than solid colors. Prices can vary quite a bit. A silk blouse with a particular print might be available only in a couple of sizes.

Click any silk blouse shown below to see full-screen photo in a new window to see what's possible but all shown are out of stock. Any pop-up blocker must be turned OFF or the new window will not open.

A print silk fabric silk blouse ranges in price from approximately US$145 to US$170. Cost of airmail or courier delivery is NOT included.

100% Thai silk blue and red shirt or blouse 100% Thai silk brown shirt or blouse with floral embroidery 100% Thai silk crimson and magenta shirt or blouse 100% Thai silk green and red batik shirt or blouse with flowers
100% Thai silk orange and red shirt or blouse 100% Thai silk purple and black red shirt or blouse with Lotus pattern 100% Thai silk purple and magenta shirt or blouse 100% Thai silk purple shirt or blouse with pink flowers and cyan swirls - front view
100% Thai silk red and orange shirt or blouse silk blouse 01 100% Thai silk yellow and pink shirt or blouse silk blouse 05