Background is magenta Thai silk thread greatly enlarged

Five-piece Basic Traditional
Female Thai Dancing Outfit

     The clothing for our Five-piece Basic Traditional Thai Dancing Outfit for Females is made of DuPont-Toray polyester.

     The outfit itself varies slightly but basically is comprised of:

Traditional Thai Women clothing

     Shipping costs are never included in our prices. The weight of your shipment will vary depending on the number of child and the number of adult outfits chosen as well as the number of items of costume jewelry and their style. Because we charge only at actual cost, we can inform you of the exact weight of your order and the cost of delivery only when packing has been completed. You can then pay for shipping.

     Customers can choose between:

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Black Dark gray / grey Light gray / grey Crimson and black fabric Dark reddish brown fabric Dark orange and black Maroon and pink / magenta Black and red fabric Light and dark orange Rust orange, beige, cream, rose Bright pink | hot pink | magenta Orange and violet Light orange Gold and gray | grey Light yellow and white Cream and beige natural dye Pale green and light yellow Beige and light green natural dye Green and yellow green Grass green fabric Forest green and red Turquoise and cyan Marine blue and cyan Navy blue Blue Royal blue and black Bright magenta Bright magenta and pink Fuchsia Light pink
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Thai girls in traditional Thai clothing
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